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08 Jan Urethritis - Homeopathic Medicines to treat Urethral Inflammation
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Urethritis - Homeopathic Medicines to treat Urethral InflammationThe urethra can be inflamed and is called urethritis. The the urethra is a tube by which urine can be carried out of the bladder and into the body. Urethritis can be due to a bacteria which is able to get into the urethra through the opening. The homeopathic remedies for urethritis in..
08 Jan Homeopathic Treatments for Urinary Cells in Urine
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6 Homeopathic Treatments for Urinary Cells in UrineThe appearance of pus cell in the urine can be medically recognized as Pyuria. A few pus-filled cells in the urine is normal. If someone is passing over numerous pus cells in the urine this could indicate the presence of some kind of urinary tract. The problem is likely to be found in the lower par..
08 Jan Homeopathic remedies to treat unwanted facial hair
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5 Homeopathic remedies to treat unwanted facial hairThe appearance of hair on the body is always a topic of debate in the case of women. Although hair on the legs, arms as well as the stomach, underarms and back are considered to be normal however, there are occasions when there is an excessive growth of facial hair. The hair growing on the chin of..
08 Jan Homeopathic Medicines that are the Best for Uterine Prolapse
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5 Homeopathic Medicines that are the Best for Uterine Prolapse The process of slipping out from the uterus -- also known as the organ that bears children - the womb and into the vagina is known as prolapsed Uterus. The cause of Uterine prolapse is the weakening of ligaments and muscles that hold the uterus in its place. The muscles are weaker due t..
27 Nov Homeopathy Medicines For Kidney Stones
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Homeopathy Medicines For Kidney StonesOne of the most common conditions treated with homeopathy medicines is kidney stone. They can be small or large. They form at the ureter-bladder junction, the renal pelvis, or the ureterovesical junction. Although homeopathic medicines cannot be used to cure a kidney stone, they can be very effective in relie..
27 Nov Homeopathy Medicine For Cough and Cold
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Homeopathy Medicine For Cough and Cold Many people are curious about the effectiveness of homeopathy medicine for cough and cold. A study done on 261 children showed that children who took a homeopathic medicine for cough and cold improved significantly on day three, compared with children who took a placebo. The researchers did not find any connec..
27 Nov Homeopathy Medicine For Tonsils
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Homeopathy Medicine For Tonsils Belladonna is a popular homeopathy medicine for tonsils. It treats the symptoms associated with acute tonsillitis. The most common type of this infection is follicular, which is red, swollen, and painful. The throat may also be sore and the person may have trouble swallowing. People with this condition are at a highe..
27 Nov Homeopathy Medicine For Psoriasis
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Homeopathy Medicine For PsoriasisA homeopathic medicine for psoriasis is a natural remedy that can help prevent the spread of the disease and alleviate its symptoms. This treatment can be used to relieve the burning and itching that are associated with the condition. Some types of homeopathic medicines for psoriasis are effective in treating the cu..
30 Sep Homeopathy Treatment for Hypothyroidism
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Homeopathy Treatment for HypothyroidismThe condition is characterized by abnormally low levels of production of the thyroid hormone. There are a variety of conditions that cause hypothyroidism. These diseases can directly or indirectly affect your thyroid gland. Since thyroid hormone is involved in development, growth and a variety of bodily proces..
28 Sep Homoeopathic treatment to treat Eye Blinking
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Homoeopathic treatment to treat Eye BlinkingBlinking is a bodily activity that is semi-autonomous fast closure of the lid. One blink can be determined by abrupt closing of the eyelids or activation of the levator superioris, and stimulation of the palpebral component of the orbicularis Oculi but not the complete shut and open. It is an important j..
28 Sep Homeopathy Treatment for Eczema
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Homeopathy Treatment for EczemaThe term Eczema originates from the Greek word ekzein which means to boil out. Eczema usually manifests as tiny blisters or hives. It's as if the skin was bubbling up or boiling the inside.In the majority of cases, there are inflammations of the epidermal layer the skin, which eventually causes the appearance of a..
28 Sep Homeopathy Treatment for Hyperthyroidism
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Homeopathy Treatment for HyperthyroidismHyperthyroidism is the result of over activity in the thyroid gland which results in the production of high levels of thyroid hormones and the acceleration of essential bodily functions.●      Grave illness is among the frequent reasons for hyperthyroidism.●      Blood pressure and heart rate can increase, he..
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